About Us

United Genetics has a very strong R & D base. Around 8 – 9 very senior Vegetable Breeders having several years’ experience in some of the leading Vegetables Seeds Companies in the world are currently working in the USA for developing new Hybrids of Crops such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Water Melons, Cucumbers, Carrots and Egg Plants etc.

The Unigen Group was founded by Dr. Remo Ludergnani, a very senior and internationally reputed seedsman. Dr. Remo was with Peto Seeds USA for 15 years, where rose to the position of Vice President. Thereafter along with other partner's of Peto Seeds he started Sun Seeds, USA. 1990 he started the Unigen Group on his own in Hollister, USA. Today Unigen is a name to reckon with, in the Vegetable Seed industry, worldwide.
The Company spends over US $ 2.5 Million every year on R & D.

Unigen, USA has been carrying out trials / evaluations in India for some time, and is now releasing some very promising Hybrids for the local market. United Genetics India Pvt Ltd has been formed in association with some very senior and highly experienced seeds-men from the Indian seed industry. The company has also established an R & D farm near Bangalore for trials / evaluations and some breeding work.
In addition to Hybrids the company can also offer popular imported OPs of the best quality, produced by its own associates worldwide.

Our range of products include Hybrids of: Tomatoes, Water Melons, Melons, Capsicum, Hot Pepper, Cucumber, Egg Plants, Okra, Papaya and the entire range of Gourds such as Bitter Gourds, Ridge Gourds & Bottle Gourds etc., We can also offer from our own production, Carrot Nantes & Kuroda, Capsicum California wonder (improved), Coriander late bolting, Beet-root and a host of other English Vegetables such as Turnips, Parsley, Celery and lettuce etc.

Due to ideally suitable agro-climatic conditions & also abundant availability of skilled labor, Bangalore has emerged as a very popular destination for production of Hybrid & OP Vegetable seeds for Companies worldwide.
We have a very highly experienced & skilled team of around 30 production personnel & a very large (more than 2000) growers’ base for seed production.
The company is presently contract producing and exporting Vegetable hybrid & OP seeds to USA & Western Europe.

List of some products we are currently exporting:

    1. Tomato F1 & OP
    2. Pepper F1 & OP (under open field & shade nets)
    3. Cucumber (under shade nets)
    4. Egg Plants F1 & OP
    5. Water Melon F1 & OP
    6. Musk Melon F1 & OP
    7. Squash F1

About Kagome

In 1899, over a century ago, Kagome’s founder Ichitaro Kanie, first succeeded in cultivating tomatoes in Japan. His success led to Kagome Co., Ltd. Of Japan which has since grown to become the largest producer of Japanese tomato products and a major producer of other fruit and vegetable foods. visit www.kagomeusa.com for more information.

For more details please contact

Dr Raghvendra Sandhikar
Managing Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.