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United Genetics India Pvt Ltd is a group company of United Genetics Holdings LLC, USA. The head quarter of the United Genetics Holdings LLC (UNIGEN) group is located at Hollister, California, USA.UNIGEN has a very strong R & D base having Senior Vegetable Breeders with several years’ experience are currently working in the USA for developing new Hybrids of Crops such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Water Melons, Cucumbers etc. UNIGEN invests more than 10% of its turnover on R&D activities. United Genetics currently has offices in Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Philippines apart from its Head Office at Hollister, California, USA.


“To become one of the world’s best vegetable seed companies with innovative minds and products”


New ideas for Better Seeds

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True to Nature – Kagome Brand Promise

Quality First, Profit Second

United Genetics India is rapidly growing company having established plant breeding and seed production capabilities catering to the needs of domestic and overseas market. The company is also now investing to grow its presence in domestic sales in India. The company has also established a ‘Home Farm” R & D farm near Bangalore for breeding, stock seed production, initial evaluations etc. The company has established multi-locational trial centres in India for hybrid evaluations. Currently United Genetics India employs more than 100 experienced staff who are contributing to rapid expansion and scale of the business.

Our range of products include Hybrids of Tomatoes, Water Melons, Melons, Capsicum, Hot Pepper, Cucumber, Egg Plants, Okra and Gourds such as Bitter Gourds, Ridge Gourds & Bottle Gourds etc. United Genetics India also specializes in vegetables seed products required by the processing industry. UNIGEN markets good range of Jalapeno products, specialized Hot Pepper products, processing tomatoes, picking cucumber, sweet corn, baby corn etc. The company enjoys a long list of processing companies as their valued customers.

The company is presently contract producing and exporting Vegetable hybrid to USA & Western Europe.

About Kagome

In 1899, over a century ago, Kagome’s founder Ichitaro Kanie, first succeeded in cultivating tomatoes in Japan. In 1903, he started production of Tomato Sauce (currently called Puree). His success led to establishment of Kagome Co., Ltd. Of Japan which has since grown to become the largest producer of Japanese tomato products and a major producer of other fruit and vegetable foods. For details about history,company vision, worldwide network etc., kindly visit http://www.kagome.co.jp/english/

For more details about United Genetics India please contact:

Dr Raghvendra Sandhikar
Managing Director

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