United Genetics India Pvt Ltd (UNIGEN) is a part of a Multi National Group of Companies. The head quarters of the Unigen group are located at Hollister, California, USA. The group has Companies in Italy, Chile, Philippines, Mexico & India.

The Unigen Group was founded by Dr. Remo Ludergnani, a very senior and internationally reputed seedman. Dr.Remo was with Peto Seeds USA for 15 years, where he rose to the position of Vice President. Thereafter along with other partners of Peto Seeds he started Sun Seeds, USA. Later in 1990 he started the United Genetics on his own in Hollister, USA. Today United Genetics is a name to reckon with, in the seed industry worldwide. We at United Genetics India have a full-fledged R&D facility in Bangalore duly approved by the DSIR, Government of India New Delhi.

The Company has strong R & D base with 9 very senior vegetable breeders having vast experience from the leading Vegetables seeds Companies in the world are currently working at our research station located in USA for developing new hybrids of Crops such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Water Melons, Cucumbers, Carrots and Onions etc. The company spends over US$3.5 Million every year on R&D.

The Company has full-fledged R&D Centre located at Bangalore headed by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi who also heads Indian seed business. The main thrust in India has been in the following crops- Tomato, Watermelon, Melon, Pepper, Okra, Eggplant, Cucumber, all gourds & Papaya. The company has very strong programs in Tomato leaf curl virus (ToLCV), Bhendi Yellow vein Mosaic Virus (Byvmv) and Bacterial wilt. Company has established virology and bacteriology facilities headed by the well known Virologist, Dr. V. Muniyappa who was Professor @ UAS, Bangalore. Dr Muniyappa has contributed a lot to the Indian tomato industry by developing Tolcv resistant varieties in collaboration with AVRDC and Natural Resources institute, U.K. These varieties were released by UAS Bangalore for general cultivation. United Genetics also holds a patent on the Okra mosaic virus screening and development of markers for the same.

We are a leading company working on the processing tomato and pepper hybrids suitable for the Asian markets. We have been breeding hybrids with high brix and lycopene suitable for south East Asian markets with emphasis on processing tomatoes with disease resistance like Virus (ToLCV), Bacterial wilt and Late blight. We have already some hybrids which are showing a good promise & suitability which will help increasing the processing tomato industry in India and Asia in particular. Processing tomato and peppers are the strength of our company in India

In the year 2014 UG joined hands with Kagome, Japan which is a world renowned company on processing and their specialist products are tomato and other vegetable juices which are very good for health. Kagome is a company focused on the importance of the health of the General public by products which are true to nature. United Genetics has improved its penetration in the seed and processing world with the help of Kagome. Together UG-Kagome has decided to serve the world from “seed to table” with quality produce.