Hybrid Madhav F1

It has medium maturity. It is a self-covering type with very firm curds. It takes 70 days after transplanting for first harvest. Curd is dome shaped white and weight is 1.5-2 kgs. It is best suitable for sowing from July to November, and in the hills from January to July. Temperature tolerance is between 16 - 33 degree centigrade . in the plains transplanting should be at most within 25 days. It is high yielder. Well suited for high quality markets and widely adapted in many regions and climates.

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 70 days after transplantation
  • Fruit Weight: 1.5-2 kgs
  • Field Holding Capacity: Good field holding capacityGood field holding capacity
  • Disease Resistance: Temperature tolrance is between 16 to 33 degree centigrade
  • Comments: It is a high yielder, self blanching compact head.
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