Hybrid Chilli No.1007

Plant: Plants are highly vigorous and strong. In harvest: 55-60 days after transplanting. Fruits: Fruits are green in color, smooth, very high pungent, 6-8 cm long and 1-1.1 cm wide. Suitable for dual type. It has excellent red color when dry. The dry percentage ranges from 18-22%. Yield: It is an excellent yielder and can be compared with the leading hybrids in the segment.

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 55-60 Days
  • Fruit Weight: 25-30 gms
  • Color: Green
  • Fruit Size: 6-8 cms long, 1-1.1 cms dia
  • Fruit Pungency : High
  • Disease Resistance: Tolerant to anthracnose
  • Comments: Tolerant to anthracnose.