Hybrid Tomato DISHA Featured

Plants are determinate with tall broad leaved closed canopy, and length 2.5 - 3 feet tall with good foliage which protects the fruits from sun-scald. It takes 55 days after transplanting for first harvest. Fruits are oblate (flat round) with green shoulders (PKM type), and weight is 80-100 gms with good acidity. It is high tolerant to TYLCV, and suitable for round the year cultivation.

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 55 to 60 Days from Transplanting
  • Fruit Weight: 80 to 100 gms
  • Resistance to Transport: * * * *
  • Disease Resistance: It is tolerant to TYLCV
  • Comments: Flat round fruits with high acidity and green shoulders. Hybrid has tall plants with good canopy cover and vigor.