Hybrid ENP 113 - F1- V FF N BSP

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 112 Days
  • Fruit Weight: 78 gms.
  • Brix : 5.50
  • Visc: B. 5.7
  • Gard: 2.20
  • Suggested No. Of Plants per HA.: 32.000 - 34.000, Single or Double Row
  • Comments: Enp 113 f1 is one of our best square/round processing tomatoes for dry countries market. Second early, high disease resistance package. The plant is strong, but compact at the meantime with very good fruits cover and a tremendous set capability of good size fruits for a very high production. Fantastic color, very thick walls, very high peelability rate make enp 113 f1 to be considered a "super global quality" hybrid.