Hybrid UG 812 - F1- V FF N BSP

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 114Days
  • Fruit Weight: 65gms
  • Brix : 5.50
  • Visc: B. 5.0
  • Gard: 2.20
  • Suggested No. Of Plants per HA.: 32.000 - 35.000, Single or Double Row
  • Comments: Ug 812 f1 is one of our most popular varieties in Europe. It is reasonably early, long vine storage, super internal quality, terrific yield. Those are the characteristics that have generated the high demand for this hybrid. It is a perfect “peel and dice". Ug 812 f1 has shown a very high adaptability in all areas also for its fantastic setting capability under high temperatures as well as under humid conditions.