Hybrid UG 8168 -F1- V FF N BSP

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 110Days
  • Fruit Weight: 80gms
  • Brix : 5.60
  • Visc: B. 5.0
  • Gard: 2.25
  • Suggested No. Of Plants per HA.: 33.000 - 36.000, Single or Double Row
  • Comments: Ug 8168 f1 is also known as enp 111. It is an exceptional hybrid that offers earliness with high yields and high brix. It is a "global quality" with also very thick walls for dicing and cubes. Ug 8168 f1 is jointless and gives very firm fruits. It will make the growers happy with high yields and high quality. Very uniform maturity. The plant is compact with mid vigor and very healthy.