Hybrid Dragon F1

Plants are vigorous and have prolific growth. It takes 85 to 90 days after sowing for first harvest.  Fruits are large in size with oblong shape and dark green stripes. Average fruit weight is 10-12 kg (under optimal condition). Flesh is bright red, crispy and having very sweet taste. TSS around 12% to 13%. Yield is 100 tones per hectare (under optimal condition). It is suitable for long distance transportation.

Additional Info

  • Maturity: 85-90 days after sowing for first harvest.
  • Fruit Weight: 10-12 kg
  • Seed size & Color: Medim Size, Dark Brown
  • Resistance to Transport: ****
  • Disease Resistance: ****
  • Comments: Suitable for long distance transportation. Very high yielder, brix around 12-13%, very good keeping quality, flesh is crispy red.
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